Objects Created by the Civilization Team After Hours

December 6  — December 21, 2018

EMPTY SPACES, Scarves by Òscar Viñas

Screenprint by Gabriel Stromberg

Wallet by On Holiday

After Ellsworth Kelly No. 3 by Shaun Kardinal

This pop-up features objects our team of nine has created at home, after hours. If you look around the show you’ll see a variety of mediums. Some of us need a break from the computer at the end of the day and like making stuff with our hands. Some of us switch from working in the literal to working in the abstract. Others are community builders and advocates. But no matter what we’re doing, the purpose is roughly the same – what we do after hours is therapeutic, exploratory practice. At work, and after work, the nine of us try to do our part to create the world we want to live in, and devote our time to making the world a bit more beautiful, inclusive, richer and full of life. Because, in the end, there’s no such thing as work/life balance. It’s all just life.


  • Alison McKay

  • Corey Gutch

  • Gabriel Stromberg

  • Giancarlo Cateriano

  • Michael Ellsworth

  • Molly Derse

  • Òscar Viñas

  • Raya Leary

  • Shaun Kardinal



Civilization is a design practice that works with causes, clients and partners that share their commitment for creating positive change. They do this by building identity systems, digital experiences, printed materials, environmental graphics and exhibitions. Through hosting workshops, lectures, their interview series–Beyond This Point, and their non-profit gallery, Non-Breaking Space, they hope to inspire conversation and connection. They are the recipient of the National Design Award for Communication Design from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, and the Webby Award for Best Activist Website. Their internationally recognized work is included in the permanent collection of SFMOMA and the Milton Glaser Design Archives at SVA.