Curated by Mirko Ilic

Non-Breaking Space

Exhibition No 2  |  2017

Tolerance, an exhibit created by designer Mirko Ilic, has been traveling around the world, with prominent designers reinterpreting the concept and adding new posters at each stop along the way. In previous iterations of this exhibit, posters were displayed in outdoor public spaces, and have been both celebrated and defaced.

Now, within these walls, we seek a discourse on the failings of tolerance and how we, as a society, must resist intolerance. We encourage you to think about how these posters communicate the discrimination and hatred faced by marginalized groups and individuals, as well as how hate groups continue to manipulate, distort and co-opt these messages to spread propaganda and violence.

This exhibition was made possible with generous support from Steve Jablonsky and Intentional Futures as part of the Seattle Design Festival.