Non-Breaking Space

Exhibition No 1

February 2nd—June 16th

The Design of Dissent is a survey of prominent graphic works of social and political protest and critique spanning the last fifty years addressing war, racism, human rights, poverty, environmental protection, gun control, and corporate greed.

Throughout history, in a constant struggle to create a better and more just world, people have raised their voices in protest against corruption, wrongdoing, and the exploitation of power. The most effective designers have used their skills, and the means at their disposal, to create graphic responses that educate and spread these messages of defiance.

Originally curated by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic, The Design of Dissent was displayed in 2005 at The School of Visual Arts – NY. A portion of this exhibition is on loan from the School of Visual Arts – NY. The new iteration, curated in collaboration with Civilization, is a direct reaction to the state of current affairs. It is our responsibility to question, challenge, and communicate dissent wherever necessary to protect those freedoms we so value.


Oaths + Manifestos

Produced by To Be Determined

March 22nd 2017 | 7–9pm

What is the function of a manifesto? Why must architects, doctors, and many professionals swear to an oath, but not graphic designers? Graphic designers have an incredible power to form attitudes and shape decisions. We are curious to learn why this is often underestimated. In this edition of To Be Determined, we turn our attention to manifestos and oaths in art, design, and other professional practices. Perhaps through this exploration, we can work towards an ethics of design, whether universal or personal. To Be Determined is a discussion group founded by Nicolas Meier and Nimi Einstein in Portland, Oregon. FREE tickets available March 15th.

Show + Tell—Design for Change

Produced by Show + Tell

March 29th 2017 | 6:30–8:30pm

Do you have any ongoing projects that speak to social justice or political change? With the current climate, graphic design takes on an even more important role in being a voice for the underserved. Sign up to discuss your project and get on-the-spot feedback from your peers. Show + Tell is a design critique meet-up dedicated to creating a supportive community that values honest feedback. FREE tickets available March 22nd.